About Jan

Jan Ritchie studied textile design at Derby, and went on to produce designs for dress prints, furnishing fabrics and wallpapers.


Working for companies such as Warner Fabrics, Sanderson's, Monkwell, and Laura Ashley, her fabric designs have appeared in many places, including Buckingham Palace, Scotney Castle and film and television productions.

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Her series of linocut prints are strongly influenced by her years of experience as a textile designer, as can be seen through her use of colour and pattern; attracting features in magazines and posters for important Oxford conferences.


The Circus collection is based on the wonderful Gifford's Circus, Nell Gifford having allowed Jan special access.

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Ashmolean Gift Guide
Country Living Magazine

Jan’s images also appear in books such as The Illustrated Garden (Mascot publishers) and The Oxford Art Book, both of which are available in the Ashmolean Museum and Blackwells, Oxford, along with a selection of Jan’s notecards.


Her linocut prints are hand printed using traditional techniques. A separate block is engraved for each colour, which is then painstakingly printed on acid free paper.

The Illustrated Garden